[ODE] ODE development snapshot 2003-11-19 available.

Rune Håkansson ode at vsdn.org
Wed Nov 19 19:14:37 MST 2003

Hi Adam,

Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 4:37:39 PM, you wrote:
ADM> Since sourceforge's anonymous ODE CVS repository seems to not be
ADM> picking up changes from the developer CVS repository, I've 
ADM> released a snapshot of the development CVS tree here:

ADM> http://icculus.org/~aspirin/ode/

Thank you very much!

That the SourceForge anonymous CVS is not in sync is damn anoying. Especially since they just upgraded the CVS to sync every 5 hours instead of every 24 hours as it says here:

( 2003-11-11 06:56:04 - Project CVS Service )   As of 2003-11-04, cutover of pserver-based CVS service and ViewCVS access to repositories to the new CVS infrastructure has been completed. Synchronization of data from the primary CVS server to the new CVS infrastructure now occurs every 5 hours (formerly once per day). Performance of pserver-based CVS access and ViewCVS access has been significantly improved; connection shedding (formerly used to cap the total number of simultaneous CVS connections) has been disabled.

Maybe it is because the anonymous CVS is not (yet) part of the new "CVS infrastructure"...

Best regards,
 Rune                            mailto:ode at vsdn.org

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