[ODE] Flywheels

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I'm curious - is this a 'proper' flywheel, ie it's driven by an engine, and
if the engine is turned off, it will drive the wheels for a moment? How are
you intending to link the things together?

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> Hi folks
> Can anyone advise me. Can I use ode to simulate a flywheel. It will be
> spinning at about 300 rads/s. Is this a
> non starter or should it work. I need it principally for the rotational
> inertia (startup, slow down ) but gyroscopic
> precession would be a bonus. Is the 200 rads/s ok or should it be scaled.
> How does the step time ( I like to use a fixed step time ) going to affect
> the calcs. I am getting about 60 fps and using 0.015 steps with extra
> for catch up. This means it will rotate just over 180 degs per step.
> for the mixed units)
> How about scaling the rotational speed. If so what else has to be scaled.
> Your thoughts appreciated.
> Brian..
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