[ODE] Flywheels

Brian Clarkson brianclarkson at btconnect.com
Tue Nov 18 10:35:08 MST 2003

Hi folks

Can anyone advise me. Can I use ode to simulate a flywheel. It will be
spinning at about 300 rads/s. Is this a
non starter or should it work. I need it principally for the rotational
inertia (startup, slow down ) but gyroscopic
precession would be a bonus. Is the 200 rads/s ok or should it be scaled.
How does the step time ( I like to use a fixed step time ) going to affect
the calcs. I am getting about 60 fps and using 0.015 steps with extra steps
for catch up. This means it will rotate just over 180 degs per step. (sorry
for the mixed units)

How about scaling the rotational speed. If so what else has to be scaled.

Your thoughts appreciated.


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