[ODE] Simulating a semi truck.......

Roel van Dijk roelvandijk at home.nl
Wed Nov 12 01:15:58 MST 2003

On Tuesday 11 November 2003 17:41, Sandeep KL wrote:
>     ___     ______________
> _/     |__|                       |
> |____ |   |_____________|
>   O            O                 O
> How do i go about assembling this in ODE???
I think you could use 2 boxes. One for the drivers cabin and one for the euh 
'trailer' (english is not my native language :-) ) You can use sphere's for 
the wheels and attach the wheels with hinge-2 joints to the boxes. 4 Wheels 
for the cabin, with the front 2 steering. And 4, 6 or 8 wheels for the 
trailer. The trailer also needs steering. The front two wheels should 'point' 
to the cabin and the rear 2 should steer in the opposite direction of the 
front 2. I hope this makes any sense to you :-) A bit more difficult is how 
to attach the trailer to the cabin. I think there are many ways to do this. 
But the simplest is the use a simple ball joint. You can also search google 
for truck steering systems.

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