[ODE] predicted future postion of body?

Kenny B kennyb at tranceaddict.net
Sat Nov 8 03:52:17 MST 2003

I installed cvs ODE, and have it compiling using MSVC++ very nicely right now. (VERY COOL!) I decided I wanted to replace my old motion functions with ODE's, but I have run into a problem:

I have a body and it has a destination. Over a period of time (think AI waypoints) that body needs to get there. Pathfinding is not the problem, but getting the object close to the desired location is. I tried using simple calculations to do rough estimates where the object will end up, but I usually undershoot or overshoot the object quite a bit. In the case of undershooting, I just activated the force again, until I overshoot, and in the case of overshooting, the body has to turn around and try again. Well, since I am continually overshooting (keep in mind, these are fast moving objects) I get kind of a eliptical motion going on until it reaches the threshold of "close enough"

Is there an accurate way of fortelling the location of a moving object (if no more force were to be applied)?

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