[ODE] Re: Simulating Wheels

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Fri Nov 7 15:44:02 MST 2003

Amund Børsand wrote:
> That doesn't fool me. I wonder why nobody's interested in selling a
> realistic sim, is it because it would be too difficult to drive for the
> little kids buying the stuff, or is it because the people buying
> computer games only have seen cars in sci-fi movies, and therefore don't
> have a clue as to how they behave and are controlled, so that they'll
> complain that it doesn't feel real when it actually does?

I'm guessing people just don't much care if the car handles truly
'realistically' -- they'd rather have it handle easy and fun (I
sure would), and pretty, so that's where the commercially-realistic
development efforts go.  Most so-called flight sims figured this out
many years ago (not that a car needs as much simplification as a

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