[ODE] Re: Simulating Wheels

Amund Børsand amund at offroad.no
Fri Nov 7 16:29:53 MST 2003

Steve Baker <sjbaker1 at airmail.net> skreiv:

> People make conscious decisions to compromise certain parts of the
> simulation - they don't start out by not thinking of the idea of
> doing it perfectly!

Bah! Weak people! :)

No but seriously, it never seems like anyone's interested in realism in
these commercial games, even though their claiming it's totally real and
so on, and they put lots of hours into making the visuals look very
realistic... but that doesn't help me if there is no engine, no
adjustable differentials, no adjustable brake bias, not proper wheels,
just a box (well, with nice textures and a goodlooking mesh) floating
around on a track, which is rotated a little when you turn the wheel.
That doesn't fool me. I wonder why nobody's interested in selling a
realistic sim, is it because it would be too difficult to drive for the
little kids buying the stuff, or is it because the people buying
computer games only have seen cars in sci-fi movies, and therefore don't
have a clue as to how they behave and are controlled, so that they'll
complain that it doesn't feel real when it actually does?

Amund Børsand <amund £ offroad . no>

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