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Amund Børsand amund at offroad.no
Wed Nov 5 18:52:23 MST 2003

When I said real-world parameters, I was primarily thinking about mass,
height of center of gravity, and dimensions.

Take a look at my (very early) thingy here:
Pure ODE + OpenGL.

Bodo Pfeifer <bodo.pfeifer at fakt-software.de> skreiv:

> Hi,
> I checked the racer project. Looks pretty good. But ODE is only used
> for the chassis collision here. The dampers + wheels are separately
> handled.
> I tried using capped cylinders. Doesn't improve the situation that
> much. And the colliding approx-objects of the wheels are too big.
> Using real-world parameters is a good start. But .. what are
> real-world values for things like damper-stiffness. If I understood
> the concept, one is using a hinge2 to connect the wheel with the
> chassis. So I have to use the ERP and CFM of the joint to control the stiffness.
> (dParamSuspensionERP, dParamSuspensionCFM)
> IMO the meaning of those values is different (error reduction and
> constraint force mixing .. the names say it) .. but these values are
> needed to setup correctly to get good dampers .. otherwise the car is
> too soft or too hard - which influences the driving behaviour a lot.
> -Bodo
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