[ODE] Trimesh - Trimesh - Collisions

Markus De Freitas markus69 at orcon.net.nz
Wed Nov 5 10:48:04 MST 2003

> > oh really? thats not so useful then. So would u recommend using
> > (and gruops thereof) for the physics/collisions, and meshes for the
> graphics
> > if physics were required?
> Generally games and similar stuff use geometry (maybe simplified) for the
> "level", and simple primitives (spheres/capsules/boxes/rays) for all the
> moving stuff.
> Works fairly well, and it's easier for the player if he can just slide
> the wall (if he's a sphere or capsule), instead of having his arm
> collide with the wall periodically :)

yes, but in the particular game I'm about to embark on, its exactly that
(colliding meshes and the odd primative) that will be point of the game.
speed of calculations wont really be of concern, as it will be a case of
compute now, render later in realtime

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