[ODE] ODE rules

Byron Wright bslayerw at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 23 00:16:02 2003


thanks for giving the little man on the street who knows very little
about physics (rigid body dynamics) and linear algebra a wonderful SDK
and a learning bed. A couple of days ago I downloaded ODE, and built the
libs. Today I decided to tackle the SDK. At first I thought, "damn, this
is really complicated but I am going to give it a bash". That was about
6 hours ago. I now have a nice little (very simple) simulation going,
(10 boxes dropping out of the sky and bouncing around in all directions
with plane and inter-body collision) with the help of SDL/OpenGL/ODE and
reading through the "FreeFall buggy demo" source. Life is beautiful,
please keep up the good work and lets keep ODE alive! 

Byron Wright