Re[6]: [ODE] using dCreateGeomClass in the last ode version

slipch slipch <slipch at>
Fri Nov 29 01:20:02 2002

Hello Russ,

Thursday, November 28, 2002, 8:09:14 PM, you wrote:

>> Seems it works all right.

RS> good.

>> But one problem still remains for user definite geometry classes.
>> If I have some user definite classes it always necessary to support
>> right sequence of their creating or colliders would not be set in
>> colliders array again. Of course I can register all user classes in
>> right order before start my simulation. But if I want to support
>> ode stile of creating geometry classes when creating geometries, it is
>> very inconvenient.

RS> can you show me a situation that fails? - because i thought i had
RS> allowed for arbitrary creation order. dCreateGeomClass() sets a default
RS> collider (dCollideUserGeomWithGeom) and does not call the supplied
RS> colliders function. it returns the geom class number. the collider
RS> function is only referenced by dCollideUserGeomWithGeom() ... so i don't
RS> see how creation order makes any difference.

I am sorry.
It seems to be my fault.
 I have currently two user classes - tri-mesh and cylinders. When I move
creating of tri-mesh before creating cylinders they fall through while all other
things remain on tri-mesh. Before this I try cylinder - cylinder
collision and it works.
Now I try to create tri-mesh before cylinders
again and everything works. I is a puzzle for me how it may happen
before, maybe I mixed lib ang dll somehow.

Now it works grate.

Best regards,
 Konstantin Slipchenko