Re[2]: [ODE] Unhandled exception - access violation

Nguyen Binh Nguyen Binh <ngbinh at>
Wed Nov 27 23:35:03 2002

Hi ,

RS> okay, i've found the issue i think. when dBodyDestroy() is being called
RS> it was not notifying any attached geoms that it is going to disappear, so
RS> when those geoms are destroyed they try to remove themselves from
RS> nonexistant linked lists. it's a classic 'accessing freed memory' bug.

    I think we should follow the FIFO-style in new / delete .
    We create World first so destroy it last. Then if we move the
    DestroyGeom to front, everything's OK.

RS> update from CVS and try it again. let me know what happens.

RS> russ.

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