[ODE] Suddenly Disappearing ODE Objects

Stefan Werner neo-nb at gmx.de
Wed Nov 6 15:01:01 2002

I found out that when my object disappears, the
dJointGetHinge2Angle1(Joints[0]) retrieves exactly PI or -PI. When my car
move this value lies between -0.5 and 0.5;
 I think that the reason why dBodyGetPosition retrieves a wrong value.
Now does anyone know why suddenly the value jumps to "PI"?

And what's about "single" and "double" ODE? What shall I use and how can I
switch between both precisions in C++?

> Hello,
> I've created a simple car sim with ODE and everything works fine. I can
> drive through my landscape and can jump over other objects. But there is
> still one problem. If my car doesn't move, then after a few seconds it
> completely disappears. I get my position out of

> const dReal *pos;
> pos = dBodyGetPosition(carbody[0]);

> I've also noticed, that when my car disappears, "pos" is not a number
> anymore, it contains a string: "QNAN". I programm with MS VC++ .Net.

> What does this mean? Does anyone knows this problem? I can't explain it
> because everything works fine when my car moves around, it happens only
> the car doesn't move.

> I hope someone can help me.

> Karl Koch