[ODE] hinge-2 and coordinate systems

Russ Smith russ at q12.org
Wed Jul 31 21:39:02 2002

>    I also note that ODE performs operations that generate FPU 
> exceptions.  I really like having FPU exceptions enabled in my apps so
> that I can catch divide-by-zero, sqrt(<0) and such early.  I had to
> turn it off to use ODE, though, since ODE was performing operations on
> +Inf.  

hmmm .. i have not encountered this problem before. the only operations
i'm aware of that are performed on infinity are comparisons
(<,>,==,etc). do these operations cause exceptions on your platform?
according to my pentium manual, floating point compare can only
generate: stack under/over flow, unsupported operands, and denormal
operand -- nothing that should actually happen in ODE. please give more


Russell Smith