[ODE] MacOS CFM Carbon Port

Frank C. pox at planetquake.com
Mon Jul 29 00:33:01 2002


I discovered ODE last week and spent some time over the weekend porting it 
to MacOS (CFM Carbon) with CodeWarrior7. Should work with MacOS8.1 and up,
  but I've only tested it with MacOS9.2.2 and MacOSX10.1.5. DrawStuff has 
also been ported via GLUT, but lacks 'write frame' functionality at the 
moment. (I know there's been some effort towards an OSX version, but I 
personally prefer maintaining Classic compatibility when possible - plus 
makefiles still make me a little queasy).

I've done my best to isolate the Mac additions within the 'contrib' 
directory, but a few minor additions to the main source were required (2 
source files, and 2 test programs affected).

I guess I'm just wondering how I should proceed - I'm currently working 
off the 0.03 release, but if the CVS source is considered stable, I'll 
update my project files and submit the changes to this list (or to Russ?) 
for review for possible inclusion on the CVS. Not sure how stuff works 
around here - feel free to fill me in :)

I'll gladly send the source to anyone who's interested.