[ODE] --enable-release not working any more?

Irrisor irrisor at dev.java.net
Sun Sep 23 12:58:21 MST 2007

Bram Stolk wrote:
> The release version does omit-frameptr and fastmath.
> The resulting libraries certainly differ in size, I checked.
>  The .a and .so files are smaller.
you're right. The difference just was a lot more in the past, so I only had a 
look at the first digit.

> If you want smaller user app binaries as well, I think you can use 
> 'strip' on them.
ok, that's fine, thanks

 > I think ode's build should do the strip on the libs.
Maybe it did in the past? (e.g. rev 996 :)
But it's fine with me that does not now.


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