[ODE] Question about render pipeline culling and ODE Quadtrees.

Jeremy Roberts jroberts at digipen.edu
Thu Sep 13 15:07:35 MST 2007

Hello fellow ODE users,
     I have a question about render pipeline culling and ODE quadtrees.
     I understand that ODE uses quadtrees for quick collision/physics culling.  In my 3D FPS game engine however, models/objects also need to be culled during the rendering pipeline to determine which are potentially visible.  This is typically done also using an octree or quadtree and frustum culling.  
     My question is, is there a logical way to use the quadtree that ODE uses for collision/physics culling for graphic/object culling in the rendering pipeline as well?  I.e, frustum cull the units of the ODE quadtree to determine which are visible in the view frustum each frame?
     My concern is that it seems silly to have to have an entire quadtree for collision/physics culling and to have to have another entire quadtree for object culling during the rendering pipeline if there is a way to use the ODE quadtree for both.
     Thank you for your help.
     Jeremy (grill8)
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DigiPen Institute of Technology

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