[ODE] Quick ODE question (please please help me).

Dave Grundgeiger dave.grundgeiger at codenouveau.com
Sun Sep 2 08:27:05 MST 2007

Jeremy Roberts wrote:
> Please please help with this!  I have sent several messages and nobody has 
> responded.
> I am new to ODE and need a list of all params that could possibly be set 
> for the following:
> 1) Ball joint
> 2) Slider joint
> 3) AMotorJoint
> The documentation is vary vague and simply says if a param is not used by 
> the joint setting it will have no affect.

Hi Jeremy. It might be that no one has such a list and you'll have to review 
the code and create it for yourself. If you do, please post it back to the 
mailing list.


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