[ODE] Quickstep and patents

Patrick Enoch Hendrix_ at gmx.net
Fri Jun 8 02:52:40 MST 2007

BTW, the patent was removed from their site. Cannot get the document  
now (8. June 2007 11:17 GMT+1).
Find the attached copy from my cache.

There is no need to worry, BTW. If you read closely claim 21:
... such that the subsequent candidate solution f<sup>X+1</sup> is  
always closer to a final solution for the LCP ...

Wow! **ALWAYS**! Anyone knows a "modified version of the Gauss-Seidel  
method" (from claim 3) where the error is *strictly decreasing*?  
Haha! What a bummer.

So, have a nice day everybody.


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