[ODE] correctly using dContactGeom structur

Jaroslav Sinecky jsinecky at tiscali.cz
Thu Sep 28 05:58:18 MST 2006

Penetration is a volume, that's why normaly more than one contact is 
returned to respect somehow the shape of the volume. For example 
cylinder standing flat on the plane returns 6 or maybe 8 contacts around 
the edge of the cap, if you'd generate only one contact, cylinder would 
fall over.
With respect to the penetration depth, the pos should be somewhere "in 
the middle", in other worlds no geom should have any preference, you can 
always create equivalent dContactGeom by swapping geom1 with geom2, 
side1 with side2 and normal direction.


Christoph Beyer wrote:
> Well, i will ignore 'side1' and 'side2'.
> there is still one question open:
> the penetration is always a volume, so is 'pos' the middle of the penetration
>     something else?
> i tested it and it works well in all penetration-pos methods,
> i think it is not very important for accuracy,
> but if i know the intended use, i can improve the accuracy
> a little bit. 
> thanks
> chris
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