[ODE] correctly using dContactGeom structur

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Wed Sep 27 11:49:47 MST 2006

The documentation has this to say:
"If the penetrating geom were to be moved along the penetration normal 
by a distance of 'depth' then the objects would no longer penetrate at 
that point".
side1 and side2 are specifically for trimeshes. You can use it for 
something else that makes sense for your geom kind.


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Christoph Beyer wrote:
> I am writing on a cylinder/cylinder-collision code and want to know
> how to fill the dContactGeom-structur correctly:
> 1. is 'pos' the middle of the penetration or the end of the penetration 
> of one geom?
>     if "of one geom", then which geom?
> 2. is 'depth' the whole depth of the penetration, or only the half?
> 3. is 'normal' the direction to move away from the contactpoint for 
> geom1 or for geom2
> 4. what is 'side1' and 'side2' an how to fill it?
> bye
> chris
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