[ODE] small sized capsule on heightmap problem

rod rodkay at mullum.com.au
Tue Sep 26 23:31:03 MST 2006

On Wednesday 27 September 2006 04:06, gl wrote:
> > The terrain is infinitely thin. This means that objects can tunnel
> > through terrain, if they move quickly in a single time step.
> Heightmap terrain (which he mentioned) shouldn't be, it was based on the
> plane collider so deep prenetations are detected.

   I don't think it is a tunnelling problem. The thin capsule bobs up and down 
just on/below the terrain surface, and doesn't continue falling through. So 
it looks like collision detection/response is happening, but the contact 
forces are wrong somehow ?

   Could anyone else test this ? Any capsule of radius 0.03 and a length of 
0.5, should show the problem, on a heightmap terrain of 512.0x512.0.


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