[ODE] Fwd: [ opende-Bugs-1556440 ] Some compiling errors in Microsoft Visual C++ 6

Jason Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 07:45:46 MST 2006

A report of compilation errors in VC6, and a proposal to drop VC6
support. What do folks think about this? Is there a compelling reason
for continuing support for an ancient compiler, or are we just making
more work for ourselves?

FWIW, I don't mind fixing these "errors", but dropping VC6 support
also seems a reasonable position to take.


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Subject: [ opende-Bugs-1556440 ] Some compiling errors in Microsoft Visual C++ 6

Summary: Some compiling errors in Microsoft Visual C++ 6

I am using Microsoft Visual C++ 6 an i tried to compile
ode. I opened ...\ode-0.7\build\vs6\ode.dsw.
Then I tried in VS-menu build->batch build...->Rebuild
All. Then i got several compiling-errors:


in function int TestConvexIntersection(dxConvex&
cvx1,dxConvex& cvx2, int flags, dContactGeom *contact,
int skip)

line 985: redefinition of int i
line 1015: alredy used name i is now used for an
std::set<edge>::iterator type. renaming this i to k
would fix it!

in function
// Ray - Convex collider by David Walters, June 2006
int dCollideRayConvex( dxGeom *o1, dxGeom *o2,
 int flags, dContactGeom *contact, int skip )

line 1225: redefinition of unsigned int i

ode-0.7\ode\test\test_feedback.cpp line 191:
redefinition of i!

ode-0.7\ode\test\test_cyl.cpp line 208:
redefinition of i!

ode-0.7\ode\test\test_basket.cpp line 188:
redefinition of i

ode-0.7\tests\cpptestharness\htmltestreporter.cpp(49) :
error C2039: 'time_t' : is not a member of 'std'
I fixed this error by disabling all lines with 'time_t'
, not a nice solution :-)

That's it!

Maybe you are annoyed of this little bugs, i don't know...
I would correct this errors self, but i don't have
acces to the develompent-files, maybe i can get acces?

Bye Chris


>Comment By: David Walters (hidden_asbestos)
Date: 2006-09-18 11:37

It's a bit of a drastic solution, but should we drop VC6
support? Fixing these bugs wouldn't be a problem, but they
are warnings/errors for compliant code! it's very likely
that these problems will creep in again even if this batch
were fixed. Just my thoughts, perhaps put it out there as a
point for discussion?


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