[ODE] .NET bindings

Jason Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 09:30:10 MST 2006

On 9/20/06, Terry L. Triplett <c0d3g33k at gmail.com> wrote:
> Has TestBoxStack.cs actually been run/tested on Linux?  Can't get it to work
> since the default build doesn't create a shared drawstuff library.

Yes, it has been tested on Linux. The autotools scripts can't create
drawstuff.so, but the Premake scripts can. Grab a copy of premake and
do this (untested, from memory):

 $ cd ode/build
 $ premake --with-tests --target gnu
 $ make

That should give you a libdrawstuff.so in ode/lib/DebugDLL. When you
are done you can get  rid of all the premake generated files
(including the binaries) with:

 $ premake --with-tests --clean

As I mentioned in the README, contact joints are not working on Linux
in double-precision mode, I have no idea why (I haven't looked).
Single-precision works fine.



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