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Mon Sep 18 16:48:22 MST 2006

Another thing curious with the cylinder /plane (and i just look with the
trimesh too):

Up to the last week, i composed rigid bodies with transformed geoms -> all
was ok

Since this week i've replaced transformgeom for offsets then,

-> coliding cylinder/plane when cylinder is up, circle tutching plane
generate contacts but not forces ...
-> coliding mesh/plane not generate contacts (or generate contacts but not
forces) ....


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Is it possible for you to try with capsules instead of cylinders? it is
possible that there's a bug in the ray / cylinder or plane / cylinder code.

I have seen this behaviour myself, but not investigated it as I assumed it
was the density of my heightfield grid rather than a common problem for all
cell edges.


> Hi,
> I have a curious thing with the heigtfield:
> A robot with 2 cylinders as whells is running on a flat (it's a test) 
> heightfield : the robot jumps (shortly, about 10 cm on Z up axis) when 
> cylinders are about to go from a sub square to another.
> Reducing the number of square, i can look that it's exactly at the 
> height squares transition.
> In fact robot own 2 cylinders as front wheels, and a shpere for the rear.
> Jumps occurs only on the cylinder witch is about to go from a quare to 
> the next .... never on the sphere
> some one know what to do to avoid that ?
> thank you
> Laurent.
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