[ODE] Holding bodies like in HL2

Daniel Huser dhuser at 1eeurope.ch
Mon Sep 18 07:53:48 MST 2006

I don't have much ODE experience yet, but maybe you could actually hold
the object (after pulling it towards you as described in the How-To)
using a Hinge (with low and hi-stops of maybe +/- 0.05). Then you could
keep checking the joint error and if the error exceeds a certain value,
you could destroy the joint, which should nicely simulate some kind of

Should something like that work in ODE?

This all, of course, assumes you're actually moving your player around
using forces. 

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You say instead of dBodySetPosition I should:
1) disable gravity for a body;
2) add force in direction from current body position to desired one?
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