[ODE] Holding bodies like in HL2

michael kapelko kornerr at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 05:08:28 MST 2006

So since I failed to set ode ray correctly, I used irrlicht facilities. 
I've made bodies' pulling, i.e., when "aim-cross" points to body, I 
press right mouse button, a force in the direction of camera is applied, 
which makes it move towards the player.
But I need to HOLD it. I tried this: I used capsule as a player. I also 
created a sphere inside the capsule. I wanted it to rotate in accordance 
to camera rotation. Then I used a fixed joint to attach body to the 
sphere. Well, it sucks. This body becomes crazy and moves chaotically 
(of course, joint doesn't break)! And it makes player fly away from a 
map into sky. I tried to dBodySetRotation for the sphere to make the 
attached body move up-down, left-right, but it just doesn't stop, always 
moves chaotically!
Now I use incorrect dBodySetPosition which allows me to "hold" a body, but:
1) this body moves thru other objects (no correct collision detection);
2) the picture of moving is distorted, may be because it tries to 
collide, but dBodySetPosition places it at a certain position.
I ask the one who implemented that goddamn gravity gun show the sources 
if he's not greedy :)
Yes, I'm kinda fed up of suggestions to do this or that. I spent 2 weeks 
already trying to get that thing working. And no success. So please 

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