[ODE] Slider joints

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Sep 14 13:21:34 MST 2006

You need to tune the CFM and ERP parameters of the suspension until it 
behaves the way you want it. This is the hardest part of physical 
modeling: Finding good parameters that look good, while not flipping 
your vehicle over. I spent days on it in the old carworld demo, and at 
least a few hours on it for the ray contacts for the raycar demo.


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Mehmet sanli wrote:
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>> Hinge2 can do as high suspension as you want. Hinge2 is basically like a 
>> slider plus two rotation joints, where one rotates around the slider 
>> (for steering) and one rotates around the wheel center (for wheel 
>> rotation). Just place the wheel where you want it relative to the 
>> chassis, and attach the hinge2.
> So that means, slider joints dont have any suspensions.
> I added hinge2 joints and that works well but when I drive the truck 
> (my center of gravity below truck's chasis) chasis oscilates too much.
> I think normal trucks dont do that. 
> Also when I made the suspension rough the oscilasion disappers 
> but this time my truck suspensions dont looks like a unimog  suspensions 
> and cant drive over rocks easly. I'm wating for your suggestions. 
> Thanks.
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