[ODE] rotations

Lubomir Kazasov nebemore at gmx.net
Wed Sep 13 14:34:11 MST 2006

hi all,

i have a body  in the space that moves in all directions using a keyboard 
input. so it can move forwards,backwards, left, right, up and down.
every time when i press a key, the body is moving in the wished direction 
and te movement is a result of applying forces on the center of mass
now i'm adding also rotatition using keyboard inputs. i want that when i 
rotate the body (for example: 30 degrees to the left), the new forward 
is also changing, so that when i move the body forwards ,it moves on axis 
that is 30 degrees to the left also. for example, if you have an airplane 
that moves
forwards and rotate the airplane with 30 degrees to the left on z-axis 
(x,y,z-coord system with z showing up), the plane is still movig forwards 
but in the new
direction. how can i make something like this.

thanks ! 

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