[ODE] Center of Mass not at (0, 0, 0)

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Wed Sep 13 08:45:17 MST 2006


I have been reading the thread on having the center of mass at another point other than (0, 0, 0). this would be very useful.
For example, if you have a body with many geoms, say a representation of a human body using multiple geoms for arms, legs, trunk and head.
If you want to animate that body, say, moving the arms about, right now, you have to re-calculate where the center of mass is and the re-shift/offset all of your geoms, which would lead to the human body actually being shifted around on the screen, i.e: this solution would not work. But if you have a CM that is not at (0,0,0) then you no longer need to do the geom shift/offset and the body's mesh would not have to be shifted around on the screen since the Geom position is that same of that of the mesh/bones on the screen and this would work.

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