[ODE] Patches (Sept 2006)

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Wed Sep 13 06:10:57 MST 2006

Hi Davib,
>> The patch about the assert for non-zero mass center.
>> Should ODE be able to work with a center of mass not centered at the
>> frame body ?
> I'm not sure - it seems like a useful thing to support but right now
> it doesn't work so an assert makes sense (it could be removed at a
> later date if support was there for it). Personally I'm not
> experienced enough to know whether that would be a good or a bad
> feature - it's definitely something worth discussing on the mailing
> list.
>> Lots of people are making the assumption that the center of mass can be
>> somewhere else.
> Yeah, that's why I think at this time it is very important to actually
> alert the user to their misconception rather than let them struggle on
> with weird results.
>> I think the changes to be able to work with a CM not at the frame body
>> will be only in the step, quickstep and faststep functions.
>> I started looking at that but did not finish. (Some code is still
>> commented out in my sandbox)
> Well if you want to submit that as a patch I'm sure it'll get looked
> at - like I say, there may be some conceptual reason why this would be
> a bad thing. I think an open discussion on it is the best way to
> discover that!

Ok so I will start a new tread.


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