[ODE] Patches (Sept 2006)

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 13 06:00:34 MST 2006

> Yes, please! I had planned to address the patches after I got the .net
> binding merged (having some issues on mono currently), but I'm happy
> to let you beat me to it ;)

Okay, I've applied all of the patches mentioned except for the memory
leak one which I will look at but as it's an old patch will require a
bit more effort than I have time for right at this moment. Big thanks
to Remi for taking the time to add these, as they were fairly recent
there weren't any nasty merge problems so it was painless to add all
of these new features.

The Prismatic-Rotoide joint still needs some documentation for the
wiki - a good example of a typical use for it would be nice because at
first glance I'm not sure exactly what it's for :-)  The tests for it
seem to work to my untrained eye though!


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