[ODE] ODE internal error.

selwakad@comcast.net selwakad at comcast.net
Tue Sep 12 18:12:52 MST 2006

On running the test_ode project, i get an ODE test error.
when I look at the console screen, I see that some tests have passed but a lot of other tests have failed, then when the LCP test fails, I get an ODE internal error and the program quits.
I have changed my compilers floating point model several times to see if this would affect the result. Well, in the fast floating point model I had less errors but I still get the LCP error along with a bunch of others.
I could not find any floating point model in the compiler (VC 8) that would eliminate this error. And this is probable the reason why several other example projects are giving me strange results, it is because ODE has a computational problem somewhere. 
Any body having the same problem ?

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