[ODE] Geom offset for static geoms

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 12 09:19:57 MST 2006

> Currently i have static geoms (that is, attached to body id #0) for my
> scenery.
> I'd like to move some of those geoms to any location with any rotation.
> I've been able to move geoms that are attached to a normal body, but i'm
> having problems when the body is 0.
> Any hints on how to do it? Thanks in advance!

You have to handle this slightly differently - you don't need a geom
_offset_ you need a geom _set_ !

more specifically:

dGeomSetPostion(  <your position> )
dGeomSetRotation( <your rotation> )

Geom *Offsets* make no sense for geoms because they have no dynamic
position to offset against - they're always posirtioned from the
origin - so it would be wasteful to calculate / store two offsets, one
of which is always zero.


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