[ODE] Simulation of tank

Peter Libič Peter.Libic at seznam.cz
Fri Sep 8 09:12:11 MST 2006


I'm trying to write a simulation of a tank on a trimesh terrain.
I tried to simulate it using one box with four spheres-wheels in corners.  
Then I applied torque or amotor to the wheels. For turning I applied to left wheels 
more torque and to  the left wheels  less, or negative torque. This didn't worked well.
So I tried to let the wheeels only for acceleration and braking and to turn I used torque 
for the chasis-box in desired direction. When I reduced the mu value this worked quite well 
for big wheels and boxes, but for smaller ones it's really bad.
Could anyone give me advice, how should I simulate the tank?

Thanks a lot,

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