[ODE] Official ODE Bindings for .NET 2.0?

Terry L. Triplett c0d3g33k at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 06:02:38 MST 2006

On 9/8/06, Daniel Huser <dhuser at 1eeurope.ch> wrote:
>  Oh ok...so still quite a while from now.
>  Thanks for the info.
> Will you be doing the implementations of the bindings or are you working
> together with the Tao.Ode people?

I made some overtures in private email, mentioning the possibility of code
contribution, given the apparently high overlap between the 2 projects.  I
like the idea of 'official' bindings because they are more likely to be kept
current during ongoing development, rather than having to play catchup
against the official releases.  And might attract more contributors due to
the proximity to the 'parent' project.  I interpreted the ambivalence
encountered as an indication that the former course would be taken, in part
because most of the work is apparently already done and just needs testing.

So it most definitely will be worth using OdeDotNet und Tao.Ode in the
> meantime from the sounds of it.

If you want to use bindings that map just about all of the 0.6 API, then
yes.  (Well, Tao.Ode, anyway.  OdeDotNet needs a little attention from its

Does somebody know about a good .NET Wrapper for ODE, that we could use in
> the meantime? I do not care much about usability under Mono, as long as the
> wrapper works fine under Win32 and supports most if not all of ODE v0.6features.

And a little googling turned up the following, though it's out of date
API-wise.  http://www.pepperboy.net/ode.asp

Of course, there's always the option of contributing to one of the existing
efforts to help improve them, rather than casting about for an
implementation that may be better in some undefinable way.
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