[ODE] Official ODE Bindings for .NET 2.0?

Daniel Huser dhuser at 1eeurope.ch
Fri Sep 8 05:35:23 MST 2006

Oh ok...sounds great!
I haven't followed the ODE progress and didn't know how big your development cycles are so I wasn't aware, you're so close to wrapping up 0.7! That's great!

So I think for the time being, we will continue integrating OdeDotNet/Tao.Ode into our engine until there are some official bindings. We're a bit in a rush, since I'm always a bit impatient when I want to do something :)
..and from what we have seen so far, the OdeDotNet/Tao.Ode people have done a great job wrapping ODE, at least as far as we would be able to tell anyway.

Ok...have to run and get those physics up and running....great job people! :)


From: Jason Perkins
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On 9/8/06, Daniel Huser <dhuser at 1eeurope.ch> wrote:
> Oh ok...so still quite a while from now.

Well, it is started in SVN now if you are really in a rush, and of
course help with testing and coding is always appreciated. I am trying
to test each new set of functions as I add them, on both Windows and
Linux, so that's why it is taking a while.

> Will you be doing the implementations of the bindings or are you working
> together with the Tao.Ode people?

A little of both? I have a binding that I wrote for another project
which is very similar to Tao (there's really only one way to do it,
after all :) I am cut-and-pasting things over and testing as I go.

> So it most definitely will be worth using OdeDotNet und Tao.Ode in the
> meantime from the sounds of it.

I haven't decided if these "official" bindings should have a full
class library or just the raw bindings, so if you want a full class
wrapper you should use OdeDotNet/Tao for now.

> Considering you guys are now working on early versions of 0.7, I guess we
> should not hold our breath 'til version 0.8 is in development :)

0.7 is going to be released any day now.

> Does somebody know about a good .NET Wrapper for ODE, that we could use in
> the meantime?

Umm...you mean like Tao.ODE?

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