[ODE] How to build ODE with mingw?

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Wed Sep 6 09:03:30 MST 2006

The procedure you describe is not the official one, if you got a 
dev-pack of sorts you should contact the author of the pack,
Other than that, you could try compiling with MSYS using autotools, and 
then copy over the directories to the Dev-Cpp directory tree.

Jahen Hellberg wrote:
> I have Dev-c++ and mingw on my computer. Gcc, g++, make and such programs are located in directory D:\Dev-cpp\bin.
> I extracted the ode package to D:\Dev-cpp\bin\ode-060223 and tried to start building by typing "make --directory=ode-060223 configure" but instead of compiling it, make reports the following:
> D:\Dev-Cpp\bin>make --directory=ode-060223 configure
> make: Entering directory `D:/Dev-Cpp/bin/ode-060223'
> g++ -DdDOUBLE -DdNODEBUG -o configurator.exe configurator.c
> configurator.c:56:19: no include path in which to search for stdio.h
> configurator.c:57:20: no include path in which to search for stdlib.h
> How could i make g++ understand to search include files from D:\Dev-cpp\include or how could i make it work other way?
> Thanks for all help
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