[ODE] Problem with missing friction

Roland Plüss roland at rptd.dnsalias.net
Tue Sep 5 15:21:18 MST 2006

Nope. My scenario is a static triangle mesh as the ground and a box (
AABB ) that I drop onto the floor with a small velocity ( 2-3 m/s ).

Arturo Colorado Garín wrote:
>> I used this flag already and it changed nothing on the effect that the
>> velocity
>> got ignored. The mass is also set to 1.0 to avoid start errors. So
>> concerning
>> the values things should be alright yet only the forces added before the
>> simulation step is used but not the velocity. I can set velocity always to
>> 0 and
>> apply the velocity as force but I suspect this to mess up the simulation.
> Hmmm... Is your floor what is moving (a kind of moving platform), by any
> chance? If so, I assume the floor is a bodyless geom and you're moving it by
> setting its position manually before each step. I just made a quick&dirty
> test in my game with this scenario and I got the same result: no friction at
> all between the moving platform and the box standing on it.
> It does make sense, a geom by itself doesn't have any physical property so
> ODE has no way to tell what is its velocity, and thus no friction will be
> generated at all. In this case, the dContactMotion1 flag in the contact
> joint looks like the solution to this situation (haven't tried yet though).
> Here is a direct link to the contact joint documentation:
> http://opende.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Manual_%28Joint_Types_and_Functions%29#Contact
> Please, let us know if this is your scenario or not.
> --Arturo.
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