[ODE] ODE .NET binding

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Tue Sep 5 09:40:57 MST 2006

The procedure is not that easy, well, it is, but its rather tedious.
You need to modify the drawstuff/src/Makefile.am file to create a binary 
instead of a lib,
you should look at ode/src/Makefile.am to get an idea about how this is 
done, then you need
to add the LDFLAGS to link against OpenGL, and all other required 
libraries, then you
have to go into ode/tests/Makefile.am and change all referenced to 
-ldrawstuff to the path of the
shared library, again, refer to how it is done for ode.dll/so on the 
same makefile.am for this.

Sorry I can't get more specific than this, its not a trivial change, and 
there are many things to
take into consideration I would have to take a look at the files to give 
a precise explanation.

PD: Make sure you list drawstuff.dll as noinst_PROGRAMS, if you just 
copy over the settings for ODE.dll, it will
get installed when "make install" is invoked, we don't want that.


Jason Perkins wrote:

>I've started working on a .NET binding for ODE that doesn't require
>managed C++ or unsafe code. In order to demonstrate the binding I had
>to make some modifications to Drawstuff to allow it to be build as a
>DLL. Right now I am working in the svn branch `branches/ode.net`.
>After 0.7 is released I will merge my changes back to the trunk.
>I have updated the windows build scripts (in the branch) to create a
>drawstuff.dll, but I have no idea how to modify the autotools scripts.
>If someone can give me a clue I can attempt the changes there as well.
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