[ODE] Problem with missing friction

Roland Plüss roland at rptd.dnsalias.net
Mon Sep 4 19:54:24 MST 2006

> >/ For some reason there is no friction even if I set dInfinity as friction 
/> >/ value.
> Is the mass of your box too high? You're not specifying the 
> dContactApprox1_1 flag so from the ODE manual contact.surface.mu is acting 
> as a force limit rather than a friction coefficient. Try adding the 
> dContactApprox1_1 flag or setting the mass of the box to a lower value and 
> see if the friction becomes more apparent.
> --Arturo.
I used this flag already and it changed nothing on the effect that the velocity
got ignored. The mass is also set to 1.0 to avoid start errors. So concerning
the values things should be alright yet only the forces added before the
simulation step is used but not the velocity. I can set velocity always to 0 and
apply the velocity as force but I suspect this to mess up the simulation.


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