[ODE] Problem with missing friction

Roland Plüss roland at rptd.dnsalias.net
Sun Sep 3 14:52:16 MST 2006

Getting the rest to work I'm stuck now with the problem of friction. For
some reason there is no friction even if I set dInfinity as friction
value. Contact joint looks like this:

contact.surface.mode = dContactBounce;
contact.surface.mu = 10.0f;
contact.surface.mu2 = 10.0f;
contact.surface.bounce = 0.0f;
contact.surface.bounce_vel = 0.1f;

I set 10 to have a rather high value which should slow down quickly. But
even with dInfinity the box moves like there exists no friction at all.
I noticed that at edges the box got stop ( not a problem of ODE but of
my routines ) so there seems to be friction but at the wrong place. If I
have this scenario:

+     +
TTTTTTTTT  <= floor

with velocity pointing normal to the ground and gravitiy forces pulling
down. Can it be that ODE only takes the forces into account for friction
but not the velocity? As with the gravity force only it's clear that
there is no friction applied but this is physically wrong. Do I have
then to do my own friction calculation?


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