[ODE] In search of TriMesh optimizations

Jeff Kershner jeff at jeffkershner.com
Fri Sep 1 11:23:40 MST 2006

How accurate do the collisions have to be?  You probably have thought of
this, but just incase you haven't. use physics proxies for all physics
objects.  All my script functions that load objects in the world load two
different objects.  The first version is the renderer's version and the
second is a very low poly model that gets sent to ODE as a Tri Mesh.  You
can also remove any polygons from the proxy object that never need to be in
the physics calculations (like anything you can see but never touch)


I have a simple scene that has a box room with a couple of doors and other
things.  The visual scene has about 22k polygons, and the physics proxy has
only 1.1k.


Good luck.




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I have a person that I would like polygon-accurate collision for.  He's
composed of about 9000 verts and 20000 polys.  Obviously this is a large
model to perform this kind of collision on.  Mostly he'll have ropes (chains
of capsules) colliding with him.  I get about 10 fps currently.  So my
question is what optimization strategies could I try using to help out with
performance and is there anything coming in the next version of ODE that
would help with this?

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