[ODE] ODE Message 3: LCP internal error

alaysamhak@aol.com alaysamhak at aol.com
Sun Mar 26 11:14:17 MST 2006

I've designed a robot, where I apply multiple forces to the joints, then I reset the robot to its original position and apply a new set of forces, I'm running a simulated annealing algorithm to do this. However, I keep getting this LCP internal error problem.
ODE Message 3: LCP internal error, s <= 0 (s=0.0000e+000).
Any ideas how to fix this. I want to be able to catch this error and then change the forces that I apply to the robot. However, once I get here, all things go crazy, and it sets every value of the robot to = -1.#IND. Any ideas?
thanks a lot,
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