[ODE] Test_buggy crashing?

J. Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 09:30:45 MST 2006

I'm still investigating this, but I thought I'd report it in case
someone who knows the code better than I do has some thoughts. This
just started happening so it might be related to a recent change.
Using the latest code from svn, test_buggy is crashing at
collision_kernel.cpp(303) when it tries to exit. It is happening in
the cleanup code at the end of the sample:

    dJointGroupDestroy (contactgroup);
    dSpaceDestroy (space);
    dWorldDestroy (world);
    dGeomDestroy (box[0]);
    dGeomDestroy (sphere[0]);
    dGeomDestroy (sphere[1]);
    dGeomDestroy (sphere[2]);

It dies when it tries to destroy box[0] (or any of the spheres, I
tried switching the lines around). In dxGeom::bodyRemove(), the
geom->body->geom pointer is set to 0xfeeefeee, I'm not sure if this
means that it was already deleted or never set. It then tries to index
into the geom and blows up.

I'll keep investigating, but any clues would be much appreciated. Does
dSpaceDestroy() delete all of the geoms? Does is make sense to call
dGeomDestroy() after?


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