[ODE] Autotools support

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Wed Mar 15 17:55:03 MST 2006

J. Perkins wrote:

>That's the big issue. A more minor issue is the choice of default
>options for ./configure. I went out and ran a google search for
>projects that use ODE. The most common configuration I found, by far,
>is single precision, with trimesh support, built as a DLL. I think
>this should be the default for any ODE build scripts. Currently, it
>looks like ./configure uses single-precision, but builds as a static
>library and leaves out the trimesh support. Should we change that?

Thats not quite correct, autotools default configuration generates both 
a static and a dll, by default,
programs would get linked to the static one, but IIRC the option to link 
against the dll is on the ode-config
script (if you want to link against the static do -lode as usual, if you 
want shared do -lode.so or -lode.dll as apropiate).


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