[ODE] Returning to a previous state?

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Thu Mar 2 15:11:51 MST 2006


Am Donnerstag, den 02.03.2006, 21:45 +0000 schrieb Jun Li:
> I have encountered the same problem.
> As you mentioned, the current save-to-file scheme is not suitable for 
> the application such as:
> try to apply a torque/force to some link, observe it's effect to the 
> system, according that effects
> of every torque compute the correct value for the torque/force and then 
> recover the system state
> and apply the obtained torque/force(s).
> In the following, note those in capital, which is not mentioned in your 
> mail.
> I used the same way as yours, that is, storing all the positions, 
> rotations(quaternions), linear and
> ANGULAR velocities, joint anchor points and AXES and reset them.
> Joint ANGLEs are computed from the axis of the joint and the 
> orientations of the two bodies
> attached.  It is set to zero every time you call dJointSetXXXX(), so you 
> cannot explicitly reset
> a joint angle. If you want keep track to the angle, you need to record 
> them every time you store
> and reset the system.
> One pitfall of this method I encountered is that: the ORDER of resetting 
> those values is
> important. As mentioned above, dJointSetXXXX remember the corrent bodies 
> orientations
> and affects the  following dJointGetAngle(). So when you reset the 
> system, you must first
> reset all bodies'  configuration(position, orientation, and l/a 
> velocities), and then you can
> reset the joint anchor point and axis. Otherwise, you shall failed to 
> track the joint angles.
> BTW,
> Why I can only receive the daily digest of this mail list? Who can tell 
> me how to get fresh mails?
> (Please send to my mailbox directly.)
this is the maillist-configuration, you choose it when you subscribe to
this list.

nothing more to say.


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