[ODE] build touchups in current svn

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Sun Jun 11 17:39:53 MST 2006

Thanks for the patches, I reviewed them and commited them to SVN.


Mike Frysinger wrote:
> first off, minor things ... might want to `svn pd svn:executable` on a few of 
> the files in the repo:
> ode/src/stepfast.cpp
> include/ode/collision_trimesh.h
> contrib/BreakableJoints/stepfast.cpp
> some autogen.sh sanity checks would be nice ... just add '|| exit 1' to every 
> line which calls an autotool ... patch attached to do this
> fix `./configure --help` output for the --with-arch option and make configure 
> release/debug a bit more flexible ... patch attached to do this
> but onto the heart of the matter ... library generation in 
> ode/src/Makefile.am ... could someone describe what you guys are going for so 
> i can try to help clean it up ?  the current system just doesnt do much right 
> wrt to shared lib generation ...
> -mike

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