[ODE] Visual Studio project files

J. Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 14:35:24 MST 2006

The Visual Studio project files currently in CVS are out-of-date. I
would like to try and improve them and add support for VS2005 as well.

The existing files have unique configurations for trimesh/no trimesh,
single/double, static/shared, and debug/release. That's already a lot,
but now we also have cylinder/no cylinder, and there is talk about
adding heightmaps. Too much to support with static permutations. I
propose enabling all features (currently trimesh and cylinder) with
single precision math. I would provide separate configurations for
Debug-Lib, Release-Lib, Debug-DLL, and Release-DLL. The most common
configuration change -- switching to double precision -- can be done
by editing a preprocessor flag. To disable a feature (like OPCODE)
they can either roll their own project files or use the
still-experimental Premake scripts to generate new ones. Does this
sound reasonable?

Also, I would like to create a new directory named "build" with
separate subdirectories for each tool (vc6, vs2002, etc.) and remove
the existing project files which are scattered around the source code.

Input appreciated,


PS - The reason you can't use preprocessor variable to disable
features is because Win32 DLLs need a .def file which lists all
exported symbols. If you disable OPCODE with a preprocessor directive,
you also need to remove all trimesh related symbols from the .def
file. Premake gets around this by creating a .def file on the fly.

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