[ODE] Patch to enable the specification of the texture path for test_joints.cpp

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Wed Feb 15 09:33:23 MST 2006


This is a simple patch to make the test_joints.cpp compatible with the 
other test file where you can specify, if you want, the path for the 
texture files on the command line, as the other test_xxx.cpp files. I 
submitted the patch on the sourceforge website.

I'm only posting this here to let the developer with cvs acces know that 
there is a new patch.

This is a patch against the latest UNSTABLE code (checked out the 

The patch is produced with:
diff -b -c3 old_file.cpp my_dir/new_file.cpp > file.patch

Enable this test to take the path of the texture file from the command line.


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